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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Focused Driven Joint Ventures

    • Welcome to Focused Driven Joint Venture System Training

    • Introduction

    • I need to Get Paid

  • 2
  • 3

    A Better Way to Do Joint Ventures

    • Better Way to Do Joint Ventures

  • 4

    5 Keys to Successful JV

    • 5 Keys to JVs

  • 5

    Overcoming Objections

    • Overcome Objections to JVs

  • 6

    Download Presentation

    • Focused-Driven Lifestyle Collaborations 6-23-17

Bonus Materials

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  • E-Book

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  • Complementary Coaching Call

    $400 value

    To help you fast start your success, you will have the opportunity to speak with myself or one of my certified coaches to answer questions about the course and help you map out a strategy beyond the course.

  • Access to Closed Facebook Group


    As a student, you will be given access to the exclusive closed Facebook group. In the group, you can learn from other students and receive additional bonus materials, updates, and rewards.

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